• Terracotta Army Collection

  • Terracotta Army Collection

  • Terracotta Army Collection

The Terracotta Army is an amazing and fascinating work considered the “Eighth wonder of the world.” 8000 Chinese warriors, no one alike, alive with their own personality, testimony to the uniqueness that distinguishes every man.
Motionless in their material stillness, they reveal their pride through the skillful hand of our mosaicists, who meticulously make re-emerge their brave soul.

The expert hands of our Ravenna’s master craftsmen (artist creators) create artistic mosaics according to traditional hand-cut techniques and develop designs and shades of colors of indescribable beauty.

Patterns can be realized in pixel or hand-cut, with custom sizes available upon request.



  • Showroom:
    Silent Luxury Living S.L.
    Carrer de la Concepcio 5
    07012 Palma, Illes Balear, Spain


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